We put the best in. So you get the best out.

Maimoa lamb is nurtured in the luscious fields of New Zealand's rolling countryside, where the fresh mountain air mixes with the long sunshine hours and the surrounding ocean breeze.

It is from this land that Maimoa lamb is grass-raised, handpicked, and prepared for discerning customers on far-off shores. Expertly packaged in premium lean cuts, and delivered to you chilled, the result is the best of New Zealand, on a plate.

Grown with care

Sun, rain, grass and integrity. Prime conditions for growing succulent, delicious New Zealand lamb. Our additive-free ethos combines the best of our small country’s land with farmers who feed grass, and raise their lambs in a natural environment.

Handpicked by experts

Maimoa lamb is grown and then handpicked with care by experienced professionals who know what it takes to select only the best New Zealand lamb.

Tenderness locked in

Producing mouthwatering New Zealand lamb doesn’t stop at the farm. Maimoa lamb is curated from only the finest cuts and then aged, guaranteeing a deliciously tender, succulent result in every pack.

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