Lifting the tablecloth: Behind the scenes at Maimoa

Maimoa is a new name shaking up a very old tradition. Lovers of succulent lamb have known forever that New Zealand produces some of the very best cuts on the planet. Maimoa takes New Zealand’s best one step further, with only our handpicked selections making the cut.

Here at Maimoa, we put the best in, so you get the best out. There’s a lot to discover, so we invite you behind the scenes while we share a little about what makes us tick.

Grown with integrity

Let’s start with our name. In Te Reo Māori, the native language of New Zealand, Maimoa means to cherish and to take care. Maimoa sums up how we feel about what we do. Our lambs are grown with integrity and care amongst rolling countryside and lush meadows.


Farmed to perfection, lambs are brought before our experienced team of Maimoa Livestock Representatives. The vast knowledge and expertise of these masters of their trade ensures that only the very best animals are selected for the Maimoa brand.

A premium range

We meet our customers’ precise needs with an enticing range of premium lamb cuts, and supply particular cuts for discerning customers on request. From the classic Frenched baby rack to a fully boned leg, Maimoa lamb is the best New Zealand has to offer.

For simply exquisite New Zealand lamb, talk to us today.

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