Boneless Shortloin

Boneless loin

Boneless Shortloin


The eye of meat from the loin with fat cap, silverskin and tenderloin removed. Minimum 4 vertebrae. This cut is tender, lean and boneless.


Nutritional Information
Protein 21.4 g
Energy - kilojoules 506 kJ
Energy - calories 121 kcal
Fat - total 4.0 g
Fat - saturated 1.3 g
Sodium 60.1 mg
Iron 1.5 mg


Preparation Requirements

Bone Req: Boneless
Product Group: Middles
NZ Meat Guide Item Code: 3434


Cooking Tips

Best cooked quickly by fast roasting or pan frying.


Standpack No

36319 & 36300


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