Chris McKay

Chris began his career 50 years ago as a cadet after finishing school. He worked in a sheep and beef processing plant for three years, before deciding to join the livestock team. At 23, Chris left New Zealand to travel for eight years, then returned to develop a rewarding career in the livestock industry for the last 17 years with ANZCO.

Chris says his approach to selecting lambs may be considered old school, but he’s got the technique down to a fine art. Running his hands over almost every lamb in the race before they leave for the processing plant allows him to keep the weight and fat cover consistent so that only the highest quality lambs are selected for Maimoa.

Chris says the most enjoyable part of his job is the people in the industry. Being a livestock representative means Chris gets to travel to different farms selecting the best lambs New Zealand has to offer and gets to interact with the farmers who are passionate about producing world-class livestock.

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