Daniel Smith

Daniel has been a livestock representative for the last 10 years after being approached by ANZCO to work for and learn from ANZCO’s Chris McKay.

The key aspects Daniel looks for during lamb selection is a healthy lamb that stands tall, with clear eyes and a strong muzzle. Next, he looks to see if the skin and wool is a creamy colour, this indicates the lamb is healthy and thriving. The final step of Daniel’s selection process involves putting his hand on the lamb, to feel for a soft rib, wide loin and wide, fat tail at its base. Only then does he decide which lambs will provide the best quality cuts for Maimoa.

The most enjoyable part of Daniel’s job is the people involved and seeing on-farm progression as farmers improve from previous seasons and reach their targets.

Daniel is a businessman at heart, he loves to find the best lambs offered by farmers to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality lamb in New Zealand.

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