Daniel Fenemor

Daniel, one of our South Island livestock representatives, has been with ANZCO Foods since 2017 and has been involved in the New Zealand farming industry his whole life. He started with ANZCO as a livestock cadet on a 12-month training programme, designed to develop his understanding of the whole business. After graduating the cadetship, Daniel’s passion for working with farmers to secure only the best livestock led him to become a livestock representative.

When it comes to selecting lambs for Maimoa, Daniel handpicks them after feeling the tail, loin, and ribs to get a gauge of meat and fat cover. This is a critical step as it ensures the lambs meet the Maimoa quality standards, therefore providing our customers with only the best.

The most enjoyable part of Daniel’s job is getting out on the farms and being able to help New Zealand’s finest farmers make the most out of their business, while also ensuring ANZCO receives lambs of the highest quality.

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