Four ways to serve lamb tenderloin

Chef Sam Parish shows us four ways to serve lamb tenderloin

Hi, I'm Sam and today I'm going to give you some inspiration on what you can do with the lean and succulent cut of lamb, the tenderloin. Today I'm using delicious grass-fed New Zealand lamb hand-picked by Maimoa.

Lamb tenderloins are a quick cook cut and are easy to prepare with so many different ways we can use them. Found under the ribs, the tenderloin does little to no work, meaning it requires little to no cooking. It takes on marinades really well and all it needs is a quick flash in the pan. To retain its juiciness, tenderloins are best served pink.

Grill the tenderloin for about 4 minutes, then slice and serve with chimichurri.

Finely slice or mince for a clean and lean stir fry. This is a great twist for a San Choy Bau or a lettuce cup.

Finely chop the tenderloin and serve raw as a tartare.


Roll the tenderloin in a beautiful spice rub, then sear and partially freeze before thinly slicing and serving as a carpaccio.

The versatile and succulent lamb tenderloin gives you plenty of options to add to your menu.

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