What to do with a heart of rump

Chef Sam Parish shows us what we can do with a lamb rump

Hi, I'm Sam and today I'm going to show you what you can do with the heart of rump. And of course, I am using delicious grass-fed New Zealand lamb hand-picked by Maimoa.

A boneless cut, the rump is removed from the hind quarter. This is the major muscle that covers the hip bone. The rump is a tender cut, perfect for quick cooking methods as it loves to be served medium rare.

Rumps take on smoke really well. Here, we've rubbed ours with a spice rub, smoked it with wood chips, and then grilled it for service. I've served mine sliced with confit tomatoes and seasonal salad toppings.

A lean meat with next to no fat makes them perfect for crusting. Today, I've used a wasabi pea coating and served it with a miso broth, shiitake mushroom puree, pickled daikon, and a fried lotus fruit.

Tossed in oil or reserved lamb fat and grilled over hot coals or in a grill pan, rumps take one to two minutes and are ready to be added to noodle boxes, making it perfect for catering to hundreds of people.

Seasoned, seared, and chilled, the rump makes for a perfect cold canapé option as it can be thinly sliced for service, to show off the beautiful pink colour and draped over crispy bread for a delicious carpaccio. Here, I served mine with a beetroot jam and finished with a shaving of walnuts.

This cut loves flavour and can carry itself across multiple cuisines. Their size is perfectly portioned for two people as an entree or one as a main. Chefs love lamb rumps because they require next to no preparation and can be used straight from the fridge. There is no waste and very little shrinkage when cooking. I highly recommend getting a pack of Maimoa lamb rumps into your cool room.

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